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Best practice

  • Prefer contact the support with your registered mail address ( use the user-info command on cluster to know)
  • Remember you're writing to a Support Tickets System,meso-support(at), not a mailing list
  • Try to be precise even in subject ( which cluster : ciclad , climserv , gpu )
  • Only One problem or question in one ticket
  • Please do not send graphical screen shots of a terminal to tickets system, we can't select messages inside in this case
  • Never use reply to an old ticket to open a new ticket for a new problem ( because it's added to the old ticket )
  • do not write to two support system in the same mail ( writing in one system can reopen in the other , creating an infernal loop )
  • For SSH or graphical problem, don't forget to give us your workstation OS type and version and for windows ssh client used
  • For jobs problems it's better to give us cluster name, job number and in case of error , submitting command , path and script name launched ,path and job output filename
  • When we said ticket closed and your problem is solved, even if it's sympatic
    it's not necessary to said thank you to the tickets system this answer reopen the tickets and we have to close it again

question : [2342] Nothing is working today
answer : Hum it's seem that ticket system is working fine today