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IPSL ESPRI Mesocenter - Introduction

The IPSL ESPRI mesocenter IPSL, Pierre-Simon Laplace Institute, is distibuted in 3 sites.

The mesocenter contains 3 computing clusters :

  • for CPU analysis:
    • IPSL-U: Ciclad
    • IPSL-X: Climserv
  • for GPU analysis:

The mesocenter host a large number of data sets and allow distant access to several others. The data sets are organised in differents filesystems and some require special access rights to be used.

You will found in this documentation the differents informations to use and make a good use of the ressources provided by the IPSL for your studies.

As your read leads you here, maybe you want to continue with the Quick Start page of the documentation.

If you do not found the answer you seek or enconter an issue, you can join the mesocenter team, ESPRI-Infra, via the support e-mail but before it's better to read this :