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Quick Start IPSL Mesocenter using guide

Accessing the clusters

Connection to IPSL Mesocenter is made by SSH via the clusters head nodes.
Clusters head nodes are WorldWide Open via ssh but only with RSA key ( no password )

Head nodes adresses by cluster :

  • IPSL-SU, ciclad:
  • IPSL-X, climserv:
  • IPSL-G, hal: (GPU small Cluster)

To connect to a specific cluster, head node, you simply execute the command ssh your_mesocenter_login@head_node_name

Your mesocenter login grants your access to all IPSL clusters.

see more on Head nodes page

Working and Datasets spaces

User and Projects spaces

The working spaces are divided in:

  • User spaces
  • $HOME : user home folder
  • Data space : user data folder
  • Project spaces : which depends on the projects your involved in.

see more on About Working spaces page

Dataset space

Common data sets are accessible via /bdd.

see more on About Data sets page

Module command

IPSL mesocenter ( ciclad and climserv ) uses module command for software initialization

see more on: Module command page

Python environment

There is many python distribution on IPSL Mesocenter we recommand to use anaconda distribution for python:

  • 2.7 use the module python/2.7-anaconda50
  • 3.6 use the module python/3.6-anaconda50
[xxxxxx@ciclad-ng ~]$ module avail python

---------------------- /etc/modulefiles/Products ----------------------
python/2.7.3-epd7                python/2.7-anaconda50
python/2.7.6-canopy-1.3(default) python/3.4-anaconda3
python/2.7-anaconda              python/3.6-anaconda50

see more on: Python environment page

Job Manager

The job manager allows you to submit your analisys to be executed on the computes nodes of the cluster. Each submission is refer as a 'job'.

see more on: About Job Manager page