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AI Modules

AI module base

The IPSL mesocenter offers a set of software to design and train Machine Learning models. These softwares are packaged as modules. Each AI module is based on an enhanced Anaconda distribution. An Anaconda distribution is a consistent set of binaries and Python packages. You can find the list of its elements here (choose the last version of Python for 64-bit Linux).

But we also add some useful Python packages (e.g. opencv, hyperops, cartopy, etc.) to this Anaconda distribution so as to produce an enhanced base. So when you load an AI module, you automatically get a large set of Python packages which some are categorized below.


Assuming that a Python module is loaded, you can get the complete list of the packages with this command line: pip list


If you are missing one or more Python packages, you can suggest the integration of these packages by following the procedure described here. This procedure requires an account on the IN2P3 Gitlab and to create a Gitlab issue. The IA modules are updated once a year, during the months of January-February. In the meantime, you can also extend these modules by following this procedure.

AI module list

The AI modules can be categorized following the ML method families.

Decision trees Modules (boost methods)

  • Catboost
  • Lightgbm (without GPU support)
  • XGBoost

Deep Learning modules

  • Jax
  • Pytorch
  • Pytorch Lightning which is embbeded in the Pytorch module
  • Pytorch Ignite which is embbeded in the Pytorch module
  • Tensorflow

Pytorch and Tensorflow come with specific packages (e.g., captum for Pytorch ; keras-tuner for Tensorflow).