Acknowledge Granted resources

Data or Computing resources from ESPRI should be cited in any article or presentation making use of the data or computing facility.

  • Acknowledgement for the use of computing and storage facility:

To process the ……… data, this study benefited from the IPSL Data and Computing Center ESPRI which is supported by CNRS, SU, CNES and Ecole Polytechnique and funded by the …… project.

  • Acknowledgement for the use of Data hosted by ESPRI:

Permission is granted to use ESPRI data in research and publications by mentioning the DOI and/or reference paper. A specific citation or acknowledgement may be indicated depending on the dataset on the corresponding catalog record. Otherwise, please indicate the following statement:

The authors acknowledge …. for supplying the data, and the IPSL computing and data center ESPRI for their support in accessing the data.