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IPSL Computing and Data Center - ESPRI - Introduction

The IPSL Computing and Data Center - ESPRI - is located in 3 sites.

ESPRI contains 3 computing clusters :

  • 2 clusters for CPU analysis:
  • 1 cluster for GPU analysis:
  • The Operating System, common to the 3 computing clusters, is Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
  • Job manager is SLURM 20.11.4
  • Scientific Software installation is mostly managed by SPACK 0.17.1 or conda for python
  • Environment modules 5.0.1 is used
  • Nodes interconnection network is Mellanox Infiniband (56Gb/s,100Gb/s or 200Gb/s)

The ESPRI data center hosts a large number of data sets and allow distant access to several others. The data sets are organised in different filesystems and some require special access rights to be used.

You will find in this documentation the different information to use to make a good use of the ressources provided by IPSL for your studies.

As your reading led you here, you may want to continue with the Quick Start page of the documentation.

If you do not find the answer you are looking for or enconter an issue, you can contact the ESPRI computing centre team via the support e-mail, after reading this and the FAQ.