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How to get access to JupyterHub

Create a password for your account on IPSL mesocentre

In order to access the JupyterHub, you need to initialize a password on your IPSL mesocentre account create an mesocentre password here, if you don't already have one.


Your login is the one you use to connect to camelot, loholt loholt2 .
It is the login in <your_login>

Connect from outside

  1. Configure FoxyProxy (see here).

  2. Create a SOCKS proxy server with SSH. Replace <your_login> by your own login.

    ssh -D 1080 <your_login>


    Port number must be the same as the one configured in FoxyProxy. You can use the port number you want between 1024 and 65535 (both included), as long as you keep the same when configuring FoxyProxy and creating a SOCKS proxy server. Here we used 1080.

  3. In the web browser you configured with FoxyProxy, copy/paste the URL displayed when launching Jupyter Lab.