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Getting account

Account opening

Getting a user account If you do not have any account to access IPSL ESPRI mesocenter :

  • For Internal People with non permanent status, you always need to give a Referent(permanent people with account from one of IPSL Federation Labs)

  • For External People, you always need a referent (permanent people with account from one of IPSL Federation Labs)

Users accounts are not permanent and must be revalided periodically ( automatic mail are send to you and your referent )

  • Internal Permanent Users: every 4 years
  • Internal Non Permanent Users : contract date
  • External Users: every years
  • Only Referent can ask for account prolongation

Before filling the form you need :

  • Referent login name and mail.
  • Your institutionnal email: form with google, yahoo, outlook, etc. mail will be ignored!
  • An ssh key to access resources.

Form could be found here in english or in french

No copy of the form is send to your Email.

you reveive an email only when your account is realy open by human (can take some days).