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Getting an account

Account opening

If you do not already have an account to access the IPSL ESPRI computing centre, you have to fill the Account Opening Form available here. Please note, that no copy of the form is sent to your e-mail.

Different rules apply depending on your status:

  • For internal people from IPSL and partners laboratories with non permanent status, you always need to give an IPSL referent
  • For external people outside from IPSL laboratories and partners, you always need a referent
  • Referent are permanent people from IPSL and partners laboratories with an account on our clusters from one of IPSL Federation Labs

Users accounts are not permanent and must be revalided periodically ( automatic e-mail are sent to you and your referent before the account expiry date). The default account validity duration are :

  • For Internal Permanent Users: 5 years
  • For Internal Non Permanent Users : until the end of the contract
  • For External Users: 1 year

Only the referent can request an extension of the account. Internal permanent user are their own referent

Before filling the form you need :

  • The referent login name and e-mail.
  • Your institutionnal email: form with google, yahoo, outlook, etc. mail will be ignored!
  • An ssh key to access resources.

Once the account is opened, and only at this moment, you and your referent will reveive an email. Depending on the workload of the technical team, it may take a few days to open an account.

Closing an Account

An e-mail is sent to the user and to the referent 3 weeks before expiry date with several reminders 2 weeks before, one week before and 1 day before.

When expiry date is reached :

  • the account is locked: no acces to the clusters and associated services are possible
  • the user files remain in place
  • this period is for one year.

When deactivation date (expiration date + 1 year) is reached:

  • Account is deactivated ( ls ~user won't work anymore )
  • user home is saved under a user.tar.bz2 file and the user home is deleted
  • user data spaces (/data, /homedata) and scratch spaces (/scratchu, /scratchx) are renamed under user-YYYYMMDD ( YYYYMMDD is the deletion date when all files will be deleted )
  • We never delete files in project spaces on other filesystems than (/data, /homedata, /scratchu, /scratchx)
  • an e-mail is sent to the referent with reminders 3 month later and 1 month later
  • the referent can get files in those spaces and even delete unwanted data

When deletion date (deactivation date + 6 months) is reached :

  • user data spaces and scratch are definitively deleted